Laura Cress


I’m Laura, welcome to my page! I’m a Broadcast Journalist currently working at the BBC. I’m a big fan of gaming (especially adventure games), the latest technology and culture and the arts. Oh, and Eurovision! I’ve explored these topics in the likes of The Huffington Post, Broadway Baby and How We Get To Next and co-host two podcasts, (Nul Points and The Adventure Games Podcast). Enjoy my reviews, interviews, and features.

Latest Posts

Nul Points: We’re YouTubers now! (17th Nov 2020)

Martyn and Laura bring you everything you need to know from the world of The Eurovision Song Contest. They’re also going back to 1978 to make their first ever YouTube video looking at the song which got nul points that year. Plus, Trivia Time looks at Eurovision’s quirky history from years gone by.

Nul Points: Predict about things (10th Nov 2020)

Laura and Martyn chat to Tim Jumawan from The Euro Podcast and Editor at which is inviting people to predict which acts will represent their countries at Eurovision 2021. There’s also more hints for the song Daði will be taking to the contest and you’ll get your dose of Eurovision trivia in Trivia Time.

Nul Points: Laura’s Dua Dare (3rd Nov 2020)

Martyn Williams and Laura Cress discuss the big news from the Eurovision Song Contest. How many countries are performing this year and what song would win if any track could enter? Cress promises to get naked and there’s another look at some song contest trivia from years gone by.