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Three Weeks: Real Men Dream In Black And White (21/08/11)

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There are many meditations on the difficulties that come with the so called time of “coming of age”: some mature, others leaving many who are still passing through that phase simply having to ask the question, “were those involved born an adult?” Luckily, this show fits snugly into the former of these, as we follow four male characters discussing what it is that supposedly makes a “real man”. Some of the lines feel forced, and there’s a visible discomfort around the discussion of the essential ingredients for masculinity – a problematic hypothesis to say the least. Nevertheless, this is an honest look at the disaffection of youths – a strikingly relevant topic considering recent national events.

Greenside, 5 – 20 Aug (not 14), 1.55pm (2.40pm), £5.00, fpp291.
tw rating 3/5

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