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Three Weeks: Three Poofs and a Piano (19/08/11)

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Camper than a row of tents, the former house band of Jonathon Ross’s BBC1 show are appearing at the Fringe again with songs and, of course, dancing. Their frequent tongue-in-cheek crudeness may not be to everyone tastes, but if you’re willing to look past this, then you’re in for an hour of laughs and increasingly outrageous costume changes. Some of the songs lack originality, for example ‘How To Write A Pop Song’ is very much the kind of self-parodying fare that has been available on YouTube for years. However, it’s not just for the songs’ content that people should consider seeing the show – there’s a tangible air of professionalism that makes this show a treat to watch.

Pleasance Courtyard, 3 – 28 Aug (not 17), 6.00pm (7.00pm), £12.50 – £15.00, fpp77.
tw rating 4/5

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