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Three Weeks: Naïve Dance Masterclass (25/08/11)

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Less of a dance masterclass and more like watching ‘Dirty Dancing’ on acid whilst the world slowly implodes, an ex-contemporary dance star tells his tale of how he went from dancing to riot-policing and falling in love with an illegal street dancer. Represented for the most part by a toy doll jiggling a hula hoop, his love runs away with his rabbit friend Tony. If this all makes perfect sense, then first of all check the sell-by-date on the pills you’re taking, then head on down to this show. At times it’s hilariously surreal and at others just plain bemusing, but if you’ve a passion for the absurd, then this show is definitely for you.

C eca, 14 – 29 Aug, 6.50pm (7.40pm), £7.50 – £10.50, fpp283.
tw rating 3/5

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