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Three Weeks: Snap.Catch.Slam (25/08/11)

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Life is complex. Life is fragile. One moment can change everything. That’s the essence of ‘Snap.Catch.Slam’ – succinctly titled, yet richly developed. The cast of five tell a story, each one circling around one of the verbs in the title, each shocking and utterly compelling, so that even with the minimalist set, one becomes immersed in the world of the storyteller. This is due to the fantastic writing, which builds to a point of pure human emotion in each story: several times I found myself on the edge of my seat as the events of each tale unfolded before my eyes. I only wish the title had more verbs so that I could have watched it for longer.

Pleasance Courtyard, 3 – 28 Aug (not 23), 1.40pm (2.40pm), £8.50 – £10.50, fpp298.
tw rating 5/5

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