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Three Weeks: Tempus Incognit (30/08/11)

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Time flies. It also provides an intriguing setting for an hour of surrealism, as we follow characters Tick and Tock who follow a ticking clock which tells them when to eat, sleep, bathe, and, of course, cut their bonsai trees. Until, one day, the clock stops, and they are left contemplating what to do. Feeling much like an Ionesco play with its absurd moments – a talking slice of cake muses on its wasted life, for example – there is a real sense of fun which comes thick and fast in the form of sight gags, wordplay and quips. The sound cues are occasionally messed up, jarring with the play, but it’s still worth taking your time to see.

theSpaces On North Bridge, 22 – 27 Aug, 5.15pm (6.15pm), £7.50 – £10.00, fpp302.
tw rating 3/5

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