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Three Weeks: The Social Anxiety Network (30/08/11)

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Watching the ginger guy from ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ – that’s right, Little Cook! – swear and get increasingly angry at the world and its quirks feels a little wrong at first, but his likeability makes it easy to move past this bizarre fact and get on with watching some fine comedy. Most of the jokes are standard fare but Wright’s skill (and experience) in performing turns them into something more entertaining. Similarly, Tony Jameson, whilst not always highlighting the most original content, builds a great rapport with the audience. Slicker than much of the free comedy at the Fringe, the show may generate an audience because of Wright’s celebrity status, but certainly doesn’t rely upon it.

Laughing Horse at Espionage, 4 – 28 Aug, 7.15pm (8.15pm), free, fpp155.
tw rating 3/5

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