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Three Weeks: The Wright Brothers Oxford Playhouse (27/08/11)

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Following the story of Wilbur and Orville Wright, who made the first breakthrough into solving how man could snap the shackles of his own genetics and fly, ‘The Wright Brothers’ perfectly captures the spirit of a time when exciting discoveries were just around the corner. It’s difficult to do justice to such an important moment in history however, and the play falls short of making this into as cinematic a tale as it could have been. There are fleeting moments of touching tranquillity, as Orville sits in dimmed lighting in front of a projection of a sunset, quietly reflecting, and if only the excitement in other scenes balanced this out emotionally, then this could have been a soaring success.

Pleasance Courtyard, 5 – 27 Aug (not 18, 15, 21), 1.30pm (2.30pm), £9.00 – £11.00, fpp313.
tw rating 3/5

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