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Three Weeks: Vivaldi And The Number 3 (31/08/11)

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Snuggled at the back of a delicatessen, Ron Butlin, the poet laureate of Edinburgh, reads aloud tales from his published poetry book ‘Vivaldi And The Number 3’ whilst Anne Evans and Dick Lee play an accompanying soundtrack to choice moments on stage, with a flute and bass clarinet respectively. The charming stories, following the real life musician Vivaldi, are wonderfully absurd, as Vivaldi finds his gift for writing music, in-between, of course, watching the Sergio Leone trilogy on his 24” plasma television. With poetry as his profession, Butlin rolls out each syllable expertly in his expressive Scottish brogue; and Lee and Evans’ melodies build subtly underneath, creating a symphony of poetry and music which is fit for four seasons.

Valvona and Crolla, dates vary, times vary, £8.00 – £10.00, fpp309.
tw rating 4/5

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