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Three Weeks: Bane 1, 2 And 3 (11/08/11)

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As this reviewer sipped dryly from a cold glass of orange juice on the rocks, entertainment came knocking, and its name was ‘Bane’. A well written cinematic adventure, ‘Bane’ is a show that truly delights. Serenaded by the delicate riffs of live guitarist Ben Roe, Joe Bone—writer and one man performer—takes us through the day to day life of Bruce Bane, the typically gruff anti-hero. It is Bone’s skill at making so many characters come alive that enriches the performance; this stretches to even creating a dramatic car chase scene entirely without props. There are 3 “episodes” of Bane to watch, but if they are each as spellbinding as this one, then baby, you gotta see them all.

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