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Three Weeks: Barry Cryer (31/08/11)

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It’s Christmas; the heavy dew of alcohol and feast induced drowsiness is thick on everyone’s brow, as the fire’s shadow flickers over Dad who, as normal, is cracking wise in the corner whilst everyone watches, smiling knowingly. A scene that pretty much encapsulates the legendary Barry Cryer’s set, and this is no bad thing, as there is something truly warming about Cryer moving through, joke by joke, and reminiscing on the greats – from Tommy Cooper to Kenn Dodd – whilst the audience laugh and nod along. Yet even for a tender young ‘un like me, there are jokes that I’ve heard before, so the show is nothing new – but it’s still heartening to see a real professional doing what he does best.

Gilded Ballon Teviot, 5 – 18 Aug, 6.45pm (7.45pm), £11.00 – £12.00, fpp43.
tw rating 3/5

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